Five must-have shoes to embellish your dressing style

Like the choice of words can make or break a meaningful conversation, the choice of shoes can make or break your entire look. Let us, thus, dive into five styles of shoes that you must have in your collection to embellish your dressing style.   


Loafer shoes also referred to as slip-on, are shoes that do not require lacing up. Available in a variety of colors and materials; canvas, leather or suede and others, these are teamed best with denim, bermuda shorts and cropped pants. However, makers now offer formal loafer shoes that allow you to go loafing even to your work in formal attire. You can pair leather loafers for men with your suit pant or trouser and walk down your office aisle without any raised eyebrows.   


Boots are high rise shoes that provide a powerful and sturdy look. The evergreen outfit for boots is skinny fit jeans. Additionally, denim shorts and skirts are the preferred choices with boots for most women. Known for, otherwise, casual wear, the leather monk strap boots can always fit even formal attire.  

While pairing your denim with boots, try cuffing the bottom. Jeans are often long leaving a lot of fabric gathered around the boot. The cuffing shows more of the shoes adding up to the look. Another way is to hang the bottom over the back top and above the lace-knot. Most of the time, men opt for this style to enhance the sturdiness that boots provide.  

Combining the earth tone boots with the corduroy bottoms provides a look somewhere between casualness and dressiness.  


Tassel shoes are loafers with ornamentation, either in the form of shiny leather or a small hanging on the toe. If you have the tassel in your collection, you may go out without worrying even about your basic outfit. Unlike penny loafers, tassels are versatile to match various kinds of outfits. 

While the tassel loafers with the hangings complement the jeans, tassel formal shoes are good to go with suit pants or trousers. Similarly, dark-colored jeans with a brown colored tassel and no-show socks can also be a go-to look for a weekend vibe.  


Mules are the backless and closed-toes shoes having their origin dating back to the 16th century. These backless shoes can be worn as casual shoes, formal shoes or wedding shoes. Known to enhance the luxury level of an outfit, a pair of mules blends naturally with wedding attire. To have that luxurious street sharp look, wear them with skinny jeans with ripped knees. Mules are available in different materials such as velvet, leather or suede, and can be flats or heels.     


Ever since embroidered shoes have marked their presence, they have been sticking around quite well. Just like embroidery adds a lively touch to a fabric, it adds luxurious yet relaxed vibes to the shoes. From velvet embroidered shoes to flower embroidered shoes, people love them all. 

Embroidered shoes can be teamed up with skirts, gowns, straight pants, dresses and even with the wedding attire, giving those luxurious yet relaxed vibes. Lately, Indian weddings have seen people matching the embroidered shoes for weddings with sherwani, kurta pyjama, sharara and even lehenga.  

Shoes are an essential part of the attire, so choose a pair wisely that both completes and complements your style. 

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