5 Casual Footwear Styles We All Love

We all love a good pair of formal shoes, but there are times when you need something a little more casual. Right? 

Looking through the new arrival shoes collection will show you how many options you have. 

Note the word casual – not sloppy. Those worn-out, dirty old tennis shoes will not be suffice! 

To help you narrow the search a little, this blog post highlights five casual footwear styles we love.

So let's get rolling! 

Boat Shoes 

These all new shoes are usually made of canvas or leather and have non-slip rubber soles. We love boat shoes. We’ve written about them several times. 

They are comfortable, come in a variety of colors and styles, and are adaptable enough to go with any outfit. 

You can never have too many pairs in your closet.

Moccasin-Style Boots 

What is a Moccasin? Glad you asked. Well, it's a collective term for all Native American shoe styles. They differ greatly from region to region, but one feature that stuck out was the separate piece of leather sewed over the tip to create a flattened appearance. 

They're simple to put on, come in a variety of materials (suede is particularly good), are comfy, and have an appealing, fashionable, rough appearance. 

Want our advice?New look men shoes that are inspired by this are fantastic additions to any casual collection. However, they are mostly leisure instruments. Don't try to match them with your more formal outfits.


Sneakers have had a turbulent history. They started out as a peasant staple in the 18th century. A good pair of these is now virtually essential. 

Do you know why they are referred to as sneakers? Rubber soles made very little noise, indicating that the wearers were "sneaky." Yeah, it's hardly the most exciting beginning. 

They come in a variety of forms and colors and may be worn with anything from cargo shorts to denim. They're more adaptable than high-tops and offer a more laid-back appearance.


The name says it all! 

A pair of heel-less, lace-free, slip-on shoes that are basically the outdoor version of a slipper doesn't get much more laid back and comfortable than this. 

The best loafers are a stylish alternative to sandals and can also be used as casual work shoes. Here's why loafers are some of the best everyday shoes around, from clean-lined carefree masterpieces in suede to more luxurious offers in glistening leather. 

It was created with the intention of being a more casual shoe. It goes with nearly anything because of its low profile and ability to look decent without socks.

Brogues & Derbies 

It's not simple to find a balance between formal and casual, but shoes for may confidently claim to be among the greatest casual shoes available. 

Brogues and Derbies are stylish and lend just the right amount of flair to any attire. They're colorful and especially fascinating when worn with semi-formal or professional casual attire. 

If you don’t own one yet, your shoe closet needs a new addition NOW! 

Treat this blog as your go-to whenever you need some casual footwear, and you sure won't be disappointed!

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