How to care for the pair that walks you everywhere

Your shoes walk you everywhere and hence need your proper care and affection. Every time you step out in your limited edition shoes or new edition shoes, the chances of damage increase reducing the shelf life. Thus, given below are some of the ways that can help you to care for the pair that walks you everywhere.


Storing your wearable, when not in use, is as important as wearing them with care. The humid storing place can grow moulds and moths on the shoes like velvet embroidered shoes or suede loafer shoes. On the other hand, a dry place can cause cracks in the leather tassel shoes. Thus, the dust bags and the boxes are best to store them. However, if you want to keep your shoes in a display shoe rack, make sure the rack stays clean and temperature suitable. Shoe stuffing with tissue paper or shoe trees is another useful way. It protects shoes like loafer shoes and embroidered shoes from caving and creasing.  

Cleaning and Conditioning

Cleaning is an essential part of everything and when it comes to shoes, it is important even when shoes are not in use. Leather shoes like formal loafer shoes and tassel shoes require conditioning before you store them. Conditioning prevents cracks and reduces worn-out creases. On the other hand, the inner sole needs to be moisture-free. 

Different materials demand different cleaning products. Ensure that you have dedicated cleaning products. For example, a cleaning brush for suede loafer shoes will be different from that for men’s leather tassel shoes. Similarly, cleaning velvet embroidered shoes would require microfiber cloth, wax paper or moisture absorbing tissue paper with neutral ph. 


Weatherproofing is not only for storing the shoes but also while using them. If you live in a place having extreme weather conditions, switching between everyday shoes and occasion shoes may help. Carry your occasion shoes like embroidered shoes or tassel formal shoes with you and wear your everyday shoes like slide slippers or sneakers while commuting. Switching reduces the damage that the commutation and weather can cause. 

Being Proactive

Being proactive than reactive could be better, so you may consider the following while purchasing your designer shoes; 

  • Look for the material of the shoes. Sued and canvas material requires higher caring and cleaning as compared to leather. 
  • Shoes with light shades can show stains more easily and quickly than dark shade shoes. Select lighter shades only if you stay indoors and walk the carpets.  
  • Always ask the boutique about the care requirements for the shoe material you are not familiar with or are trying for the first time. It will give you the idea if that is practically possible for you.
  • Consider the design implications. Leather boots with high and pointed heels are more prone to damage as compared to short and broad heels.  

When you invest in designer shoes, another thing you want is to have your designer purchases serve you the purpose for as long as they can. With the ways to care discussed above, you may have them stay in your shoe closet as long as you desire.