5 Shoe Hacks Every Man Should Know

Our feet are oftentimes subjected to a lot of ignorance, Of course, we do not do it on purpose but it still happens. We have heard older folks complain about those constant backaches and it’s true that we’re starting to feel them ourselves. 

Hence, comfortable shoes or limited edited shoes especially play a huge role in keeping our feet healthy and relaxed in the long run. These 5 shoe hacks will help us ensure that our shoes are in a relaxed state for as long as possible. 

Let’s dive right in. 

  1. Prevent Blisters: 

At times when you wear a new pair of shoes, you may get blisters. This is caused due to the high friction between your skin and the shoes. Rubbing petroleum jelly, clear deodorant, or baby powder on the heels and sides of your feet can minimize this friction and prevent the happening of blisters. 

  1. Check if your feet are going to hurt in these shoes: 

When you are choosing a pair of shoes or a new edition shoes, you might have very little time to make sure that you’ve chosen the correct pair of shoes. One simple hack is to check the space between the big toe and the front of the shoes. Ensure that there is about a thumb’s width to allow your toes room to wiggle. 

  1. The Wrong Shoe Size 

While going limited edition shoe shopping, you must take care to find the right comfort-fashion ratio and avoid shoe shopping in the afternoons because your feet are at it’s largest post noon. If you have got different-sized feet, buy a pair that fits the larger foot, and use padding to fit the other shoe to your smaller foot. 

  1. Tight Sneakers 

Many of us have wider feet (especially in Asian countries) and new sneakers tend to get a bit too tight. The trick is in the laces of the new; look out for lacing techniques that are looser at the toes where feet are most wide and tighter towards the ankle. 

Eliminate torment from new shoes: 

Fill two plastic cooler sacks with water and spot them on the toe of each shoe. Then, at that point, stick your new limited edition shoes in the cooler short-term. The water will freeze and extend to loosen up the toe. This strategy may take somewhat experimentation since you would prefer not to overstretch the shoes yet you likewise need to fill them with enough water to have an effect. In the first part of the day, remove them from the cooler and you ought to have well-fitting, super cold shoes for the warm summer day!

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